Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Large Integration Project - No time to blog?

Received the go-ahead today to start on a very large integration project. As the result of an acquisition, we have an e-commerce solution that needs to connect with our enterprise solutions (yes, plural). I've already identified what will, most likely, be the easiest path to follow, but the way our market shares lay out, it isn't going to be the one that gets completed first. This puts me in a very difficult position of trying to do what's best for the software architecturally, what's best for the company in the short-term, and the former, again, which will be best for the company in the long-term. It's an interesting conundrum.

Unfortunately, this project isn’t going to leave me anytime for my pet projects, so the composable DSLs are just going to float for a while. I wish I could put more hours into my weeks, so I could do my job, and have time left to do the technological things I’m interested in on a personal level. I do get to participate in one standards body as part of my regular job, and standards do interest me on a personal level (as well as professional) so that helps, but I have ideas for my own business ventures that never seem to get enough attention, and I know I’ve missed some very lucrative opportunities.


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